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Sunday, 2 October 2011

10 of the Most Romantic Movies Ever

The thing about romantic movies is that many of them are not for couples to watch! What women find romantic will usually have guys channel hopping during the commercial breaks on TV and the movies guys find romantic have women rolling their eyes and wondering about what men really think about!

Among the following 10 romantic movies there are a number of romance gems that are cool enough for you have your partner watch with you, and then there are others which are best enjoyed by a group of girls -- and a box of tissues!

West Side Story
Ok, so it's Romeo and Juliet brought into the 20th century, but it's set to an incredible soundtrack and has the rough and tumble street gang lifestyle of two rival New York City gangs. The romance between former Jet (white) Tony and Maria the sister of Shark (Puerto Rican) Bernardo plays between the lines of the racial and social issues in the movie and ends with Maria sending Tony to stop a fight between his ex gang and that of Maria's brother. There's action, story, and music in this movie to complement the romance making it an ideal couple's romance flick.

Notting Hill
When America's girl next door Julia Roberts meets English public schoolboy Hugh Grant, the resulting movie is one that both guys and girls will find entertaining as well as funny and romantic!

Sleepless in Seattle
With an 'ahhhh' factor that can be heard from coast to coast, this romantic movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is a wonderful chick flick -- especially for those who think that they'll never find 'Mr. Right'!

This movie deals with one of the worst situations any couple could find themselves -- the violent and unexpected death of their partner -- and yet it manages to be one of the most romantic movies of the past few decades. Light relief to the story comes in the shape of a medium hilariously played by Whoopee Goldberg.

Ok, so the ship sinks -- but this movie isn't just about the ship that hit an iceberg. The story is about a fictional old lady who was aboard the Titanic that fateful night and who is taken down under the sea to see what remains of the ship. She tells of a young man she met, a man she fell in love with, who didn't survive, but who she continued to love over the years. The ship may sink, but the heart goes on forever in this movie!

An Officer and a Gentleman
Love lifts us up in this movie as guys as well as girls can enjoy the interplay between the trainee naval cadets and the local ladies. With humor from the training, and romance between the characters, there's something for both him and her in this one.

One Fine Day
True love doesn't always come first time around as this movie shows -- with both Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney both divorced and finding romance and laughter in this romantic comedy that both you and your guy can enjoy.

Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and an Affair to Remember
If you love old movies, then here's top romantic trio. If you're looking to watch one of these with your man, then Casablanca is probably your best choice, but if it's a girls night in, then Gone with the Wind or An Affair to Remember will offer a very different look at romance -- although both of them proving that the path of love never runs smoothly!

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