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Sunday, 2 October 2011

About Young Hollywood

R. J. Williams or Robert Jackson Williams (born: July 19, 1978) was a child actor on movies and television shows. He is best recognized by soap opera fans for playing Rowdy on General Hospital from 1989 through 1991.

R.J. Williams is the founder and CEO of, a thriving new
media property that has quickly become the authoritative voice of "Young
Hollywood" across numerous media platforms. From its home base at , viewers can now
find's programming on MySpace, YouTube and Yahoo!'s home
pages as well as on TV on "Entertainment Tonight."

YoungHollywood started out as an independent entertainment production company that became one of the largest producers of celebrity programming in Hollywood. Based on our extensive experience in creating quality entertainment, we developed a very simple programming philosophy at YoungHollywood – all of our content is based on integrity, accuracy, and a real sense of fun.

Launched in April of 2007, is an online destination for
original celebrity and lifestyle video content that provides the real take
on "young" Hollywood - revealing the inside story of celebrity life, events,
fashion, lifestyle and culture in the words of the celebrities themselves. has rapidly grown to attract nearly a million unique
visitors per month and averages more than 20 million hits per month. is also one of the top entertainment channels on and has a partnership with, where YH videos
consistently receive millions of views per month.

As a longtime actor himself, RJ Williams launched Young Hollywood because he
wanted to create a site for unique, quality celebrity programming that would provide an authentic take on Hollywood culture, without tabloid sleaze or sensationalism.

RJ Williams has become the authoritative voice of “Young Hollywood” and
hosts a recurring Young Hollywood segment that airs on Entertainment Tonight,
the #1 syndicated entertainment newsmagazine show covering entertainment news,
trends, and personalities of the next generation. In addition to ET, Young Hollywood has formed numerous strategic relationships – including deals with YouTube and Myspace.

Since its inception, Arjay Entertainment has established its presence among Young Hollywood. The company had formed several distribution alliances and provided content for ABC, Showtime, TV Guide Channel, America Online and various Fox Cable channels.

With its unparalleled access to the world beyond the velvet rope,
Young Hollywood offers the ultimate insider’s perspective on celebrity lifestyle,
travel, nightlife, music, fashion, and more.

They feature original video content, entertainment news, movie trailers, music videos, industry blogs, and celebrity photo galleries.
They also share the latest scoop on what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to restaurants to gadgets.

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